Karen relieved my chronic restless leg syndrome with acupuncture therapy. I appreciate the professionalism and insight that she brings to her work.
Dave – Cyclist

Karen is a gifted, astute healer. I sought her help for severe allergies, and her acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment worked within twenty-four hours, and lasted many weeks at a time. Karen is sensitive, gentle, thoughtful, and most importantly, is a superb listener. Anyone who seeks her support will benefit.
Rabbi Paul Citrin

Karen is a gifted healer and acupuncturist. Over the years, she has treated me for a variety of conditions related to my diabetes. The results were always positive . . . and most helpful. Now I feel healthier than I ever have felt.
Stanley – Fundraiser

I met Karen at a very unique, deep and solitude time in my life. She had compassion for my journey and experiences of answering the question, “Who Am I?” Her gentle, loving and genuine “bedside manner” was just what I needed to support that part of my inward journey. I have made acupuncture a routine part of my healing path for almost ten years. When I find a wonderful acupuncturist that has the skills and knowledge as well as an open heart, I work with them. I found Karen’s ability to diagnose and read my bodies energy to be right on. Through her attunement to what my body, mind and soul needed I was able to find comfort at some critical times in my life. I am grateful that she was there to treat me and help me heal.
Sandy – Yoga instructor

Acupuncture is an essential part of my program for health and wellness. It has been wonderful in treating physical pain, sinus problems, and keeping my system balanced for general well being. Karen is an excellent practitioner and has helped me tremendously.
Janice – Retired

I have suffered from migraines for the last twenty-five years. I got them one to three times a month, lasting two to four days. After my first session with Karen I had no migraines for a month and a half. Four months have passed after my second session and during this time I have had NO MIGRAINES. Thank you, Karen.
Ulla –Caretaker

My family and I have come to Karen for only a year now for many different ailments. Most recently I suffered the beginning of a painful ear infection in my left ear that I get frequently. Karen treated me with acupuncture and herbs and all symptoms disappeared by the following afternoon. This is only one of many great things that have happened since we started seeing her.
Will – Organic Horticulturist

Karen cured my thumb pain that would have otherwise required surgery. Miraculous healing. Karen is a soulful person. Her counsel adds value to the physiological part.
Peggy – Administrative Assistant

I was a patient of Karen’s about 15 years ago. I had plantar fasciitis with a heel spur. I had a couple of shots of cortisone, took prescription Motrin, and had to have orthotics made for my shoes. The pain never went away and the next step would have been surgery. Karen took care of my foot! After a few sessions I was able to play racquetball again and walk without pain.
She’s the best!
Fran – Librarian

I lost twenty pounds in six months. I am no longer depressed. I realize my self-worth. I have gained awareness that my body is something to take care of and balance, respect it and be gentle.Karen treats the source. It changes more than one thing, it changes everything.
Marsha – Medical Technician